A C-17 Globemaster from the 89th Airlift Squadron, Wright Patterson Air Force Base, Ohio can be seen in the background coming in for a landing at the Niagara Falls Air Reserve Station, N.Y. on February 10, 2021.

World Drone Comparison

August, 2023

Here is a compilation of loitering munitions, or “Kamikaze drones”, from countries around the world.

The United States

The General Atomics MQ-9B Reaper Unmanned Aerial Vehicle is staged at the U.S. Army Yuma Proving Grounds, U.S. Army Test and Evaluation Command, Yuma, Ariz., (U.S. Marine Corps photo by Lance Cpl. Colton Brownlee)

ModelLengthWingspanRange SpeedEndurancePayload
R-Q 4 Global Hawk 14.5 m39.8 m22,800 km357 km/h34/h1, 360 kg
MQ-9 Reaper11 m20.1 m1, 850 km444. 48 km/hN/A1, 701 kg
Predator C (MQ-20) Avenger13 m20 m5, 835 km740 km/h20/h2, 948 kg
MQ-5B Hunter7 m8.84 mN/A222 km/h30/hN/A
Northrop Grumman X -47B11.62 m18.9 m3890 kmN/A12/h2000 kg
XQ-58A9 m8.2 m5556 km882 km/hN/A272 kg (internal)/ 272kg (external)
Switchblade 600130 cmN/A40 km185 km/h40/min15 kg
MQ-1C-Gray Eagle9 m17 mN/A310 km/h25/h227-262 kg


Bayraktar TB-26.5 m12 m300 km222 km/h27/h150 kg
Bayraktar TB-38.35 m14 mN/A300 km24/h280 kg
Bayraktar-Akinci12.2 m20 m7,500 km360 km/h24/h1,500 kg
Aksungur11.6 m24 mN/AN/A50/h
Bayraktar DIHA (VTOL)1.5 m5 m150 km150/h12/h5 kg
Kizilelma 14. 7 m10 m930 km900/km5/h1,500 kg


Wing Loong-19 m14 mN/A280 km/h20/h200 kg
Wing Loong-211 m20.54,000 km370 km/h20/h480 kg
Wing Loong-312. 2 m 24 m10,000 km402 km/h40/h2, 300 kg
CASC CH-5 Rainbow11.2 m26 m10,000 km480 km/h60/h1,200 kg
Gonji -11 (GJ-11)11.6514 m4,000 km1000 km/hN/AN/A


Heron TP14 m26 m1000 km220 km/h30/h2,700 kg
Point Blank0.91 m0.8 m10 km186 km/h20/min2 kg
Heron8.5 m16.6 m1000 km111-148 km/h45/h470 kg
Hermes 4506.1 m10.5 m200 km176 km/h17-30/h180 kg
Hermes 900 (aka Kochav)8.315 m9,000 km220 km/h36/h350 kg


Ababil 34.5 m6.5 m150 km300 km/h8/h1.7 kg
Arash (aka Kian 2)4.5 m4 m2000 km480 km/h30/h30 kg
Fetros8.25 m16 m1700 – 2000 km250 km/h30/hN/A
Kaman 226.5 m17 m3000 kmN/A24/h300 kg
Mohajer 65.67 m10 m2000 km200 km/h12/h40 kg
Shahed 1298 m16 m1700 km 200 km/h24/h400 kg
Shahed 1363.5 m2.5 m2000 km185 km/hN/A50 kg
Shahed 191 (aka Saegheh 2)2.7 m7.31 m1500 km3500 km/h5 /h50 kg
Yasir (aka Qods Yasir/Sayed 2)1.19 m3 m450 km120 km/h8-20/hN/A
Mohajer 10Unknown Unknown 2000 km210 km/h24/h300 kg


Dassault nEUROn9.5 m12.5N/A980 km/hN/AN/A


Sukhoi SU-7011.65 m20 m6,000 km1,400 km/hN/A2,000 kg

Germany and Spain

EADS Barracuda8.25 m7.22 m200 km1040 km/h17/h300kg


MQ-28 Ghost Bat11.7 m7.3 m3700 km296 km/h16/hN/A


AAROK14 m22 mN/A463 km/h24-plus/h2,720 kg


Albatross II 6.5 m14.97 m2255 km205 km/h20 hours250 kg

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