June 5th, 2018


Designation Fateh-110
Missile Variants Fateh-110 (I), Fateh-110 (II), Fateh-110 (III), Fateh-110 (IV)
Mobility Road-Mobile
Designer/Producer Iran and China
Range 200-300-KM
Warhead Type and Weight

HE (Nuclear and Biological capable),

450-650 kg

MIRV and Yield No MIRV
Guidance System/ Accuracy GPS and Inertial Guidance/100 CEP
Stages/ Propellant Single/ Solid Propellant
IOC 2004
Status/ Number of Units Operational/ Unknown


Prompted by its experience in the war with Iraq in the 1980s, Iran actively pursued a ballistic missile arsenal that had greater precision and accuracy. [1] As part of this effort, Iran began developing the Fateh-110 in 1995. [2] The Fateh-110 is a solid fueled short range ballistic missile. The missile is also capable of carrying nuclear or biological warheads. As a road mobile system, the Fateh-110 series can be launched from any location. Iran developed four variations of the Fateh-110.

  • The Fateh-110/I has a maximum range of 200km (124 miles), and can carry a 650kg payload. It was declared operational in 2002. [3]
  • The Fateh-110/II has a range of 250km (155 miles), a payload of 450kg. Iran announced the development of this variant in 2004. [4]
  • The Fateh-110/III was announced in 2010 and designed to have more accuracy and a quicker launch time. It has a range of 300km, can carry a 650kgpayload. [5]
  • The Fateh-110/IV developed in 2012 and is designed to have precision targeting and has a guidance system. It also has a range of 300km, can carry a 650kg payload. [6]

Strategic Implications fateh110eo_21

Iran has yet to use the Fateh-110 in combat; however, Iran is engaged in transferring Fateh-110 missiles to Syria and Hezbollah. According to U.S. military officials, Syria fired at least two Fateh-110s against Syrian rebels in 2012. [7] U.S. military officials also noted that Syria has been using Fateh-110s as an alternative to aircraft, which are more easily shot down by Syrian rebels. [8] In addition, Hezbollah in Lebanon is believed to have a stockpile of the Iranian Fateh-110. Western officials say that if Hezbollah fired these missiles from southern Lebanon, they could easily reach Tel Aviv, Israel’s second most populous city. [9] Given its proliferation and capabilities, the Fateh-110 poses a broad regional threat, holding at risk population centers near the borders of Syria, Lebanon, and Iran.

Iran issued another test of the Fateh-110 in March 2017, successfully hitting targets over 250km away. [10]


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