Future Air Defense Systems


Quick Facts Variants HISAR-A HISAR-O Role and Mobility Air Defense; Road-Mobile Interceptors and Range High Explosive Fragmentation Warhead HISAR-A –

Joint All-Domain Command and Control (JADC2)

The Joint All-Domain Command & Control (JADC2) is the initiative to replace the current domain and control systems with one

McDonnell Douglas F-15EX

Role Fighter aircraft, air to air missile defense Targets Aircrafts, Cruise Missiles, Unmanned Aerial Vehicle Operators United State Air Force

SMART-L Early Warning Capability (EWC)

Quick Facts Role and Mobility Long-Range Air and Surface Surveillance and Target Designation; Fixed and Ship- and Road-Mobile Frequency L-Band


Quick Facts Role and Mobility Long-Range Air Surveillance, Early Warning; Fixed and Road-mobile Frequency L-Band Range 470 km Air Defense