Missile Defense News

July 15, 2024

From basement to battlefield: Ukrainian startups create low-cost robots to fight Russia

AP News Struggling with manpower shortages, overwhelming odds and uneven international assistance, Ukraine hopes to find a strategic edge against

July 15, 2024

The Pentagon Needs a Strategy for Deep Space 

Air & Space Forces Nestled within the 720 pages of the Senate Armed Services Committee Report on the National Defense

July 15, 2024

Philippines Department of Defense Requests Acquisition of Japanese-made Air Defense Missile Systems

Military Leak In a recent interview, former Japanese Defense Minister Onodera Itsunori confirmed that the Philippines’ Department of Defense has

July 15, 2024

Taiwan steps up alertness after detecting test-firing by China’s missile unit

AP News Taiwan’s Defense Ministry said Saturday it was monitoring “waves of test-firing” by China’s missile unit in a region

July 15, 2024

North Korea threatens to boost nuke capability in reaction to US-South Korea deterrence guidelines

AP News North Korea threatened Saturday to boost its nuclear fighting capability and make the United States and South Korea

July 12, 2024

Trudeau says Canada can meet NATO’s military spending benchmark by 2032

CBC Following a blizzard of criticism from allies — most notably the United States — the Liberal government announced Thursday

July 12, 2024

NATO plans first commercial space strategy to spur tech innovation

Breaking Defense Following this week’s NATO summit here, the 32 allies are planning to build a first-ever commercial space strategy

July 12, 2024

Japan’s Defense White Paper Sounds Alarm Over China, North Korea, Russia

The Diplomat In its latest defense white paper, Tokyo has for the first time sounded a direct warning against the growing

July 12, 2024

US and South Korea sign joint nuclear deterrence guidelines in face of North Korean threats

AP News The U.S. and South Korea signed joint nuclear deterrence guidelines for the first time, a basic yet important

July 11, 2024

Biden unveils additional air defense aid for Ukraine at NATO summit

Defense News President Joe Biden kicked off NATO’s 75th anniversary summit Tuesday by announcing an agreement with four other countries