MDAA Alerts

November 8, 2019

15 Years of C2BMC That Has Made Our Nation a Safer Place

It is the 15th anniversary of the Command, Control, Battle Management, and Communications (C2BMC) and which is the blueprint,

November 4, 2019

A Gap That Has to be Closed

The United States has to confront the 360-degree drone, cruise, and ballistic missile threat Iran has recently demonstrated in

October 22, 2019

Silent Warriors

Last Friday night, we were honored to host MDAA’s first inaugural National Capital Region (NCR) Air and Missile Defender

October 14, 2019

Leading Edge of Missile Defense

Last Friday afternoon, October 11, the Secretary of Defense, the Honorable Mark Esper, announced the follow on U.S. missile

October 11, 2019

Join the Navy

The United States’ globally immediate and constant mobile projection of force is our nation’s Navy and its eleven Carrier

October 3, 2019

China is First

On Monday, in celebration of 70 years of communist rule, China paraded the first deployable Hypersonic Weapon System that is

September 27, 2019

Saudi Arabia Setting the Conditions to Win

The United States deployment of Army air and missile defense Soldiers with a Patriot Battery and four Sentinel radars to

September 25, 2019

In ADA We Trust

In Ft. Sill, Oklahoma, the training, the schooling and indoctrination of every United States Soldier and Officer in the

September 23, 2019

Auzzie Rules

Australia’s Prime Minster Scott Morrison met with the President of the United States and was honored by a State

September 19, 2019


Yesterday, we asked the Under Secretary of Defense for Policy, John Rood, to provide a status update on each of