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August 11, 2022

Army Space, Cyber and Special Operations commands form ‘triad’ to strike anywhere, anytime

Defense News: The U.S. Army’s space, cyber and special operations commands said they formed a “triad” to enhance operational capability

August 11, 2022

South Korea Says Missile Shield ‘Not Negotiable’ With China

Bloomberg: South Korea said the possible operation of a controversial American-made missile shield was “not negotiable,” pushing back at China’s

August 10, 2022

THAAD issue shouldn’t be obstacle in Seoul-Beijing ties, top diplomats agree

Yonhap News Agency: The top diplomats of South Korea and China agreed during their talks Tuesday that disputes over the

August 9, 2022

White House Sending Key Air Defense System Ammunition To Ukraine

Defense One: The United States announced $1 billion in additional security aid for Ukraine on Monday that includes ammunition for

August 5, 2022

Ukraine Needs NASAMS to Defend Against Russian Cruise Missiles

Air Force Magazine: Russia’s long-range bombers fire cruise missiles against Ukrainian civilian and military infrastructure nearly unimpeded, so Ukraine needs

August 5, 2022

South Korea’s THAAD Missile Shield Reconsidered After North Korean Threats

VOA: South Korea’s new government has signaled a willingness to consider expanding its use of the U.S.-deployed THAAD missile shield

August 5, 2022

Pentagon again delays nuclear missile test amid Chinese drills near Taiwan

Defense News: Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin has again ordered the Pentagon to postpone a planned test launch of an intercontinental

August 3, 2022

Chinese military drills circling Taiwan set up a potential standoff.

New York Times: Although much attention has been on Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s visit to Taiwan, the real potential for a

August 3, 2022

NATO fortifies Eastern Europe’s defenses under new ‘air shielding’ mission

Air Force Times: NATO is building up its defenses in Eastern Europe to fend off Russian aggression in a new

August 3, 2022

US OKs $5B Sale of Missile Defense Systems to Saudi, UAE

Defense Post: The US announced Tuesday the sale of major missile defense systems to Saudi Arabia and the United Arab