Missile Defense News

June 2, 2023

Stationing US Navy Destroyers in Spain Increases Readiness in the Pacific

Foundation of Defense for Democracies The U.S. Navy recently announced its intention to forward station an additional two Arleigh Burke-class ballistic missile

June 2, 2023

Army Transforms Integrated Air, Missile Defense Capabilities

National Defense: Few arenas in the Army are witnessing more significant transformation than integrated air and missile defense, according to

June 2, 2023

DOD Announces New Security Assistance Package for Ukraine

Department of Defense: The latest package, valued at up to $300 million, marks the 39th drawdown of DOD equipment for

June 2, 2023

Russia hits base in Ukraine in new wave of strikes, Zelenskiy praises Patriots

Reuters: Russia said on Monday its military hit Ukrainian air bases in overnight strikes and Ukrainian forces shelled industrial facilities

June 2, 2023

Northrop Completes Initial Design Review for Future Pacific US Missile Defense Ground Station

The Defense Post: Northrop Grumman has completed the preliminary design review of Relay Ground Station-Asia (RGS-A) for the US Naval

June 1, 2023

Israel’s missile defence system leads the defence market

Army Technology: Israel’s defence budget, which includes aid from the United States, has experienced significant growth during the historical period.

June 1, 2023

SPACECOM takes over missile defense ops from Strategic Command

Breaking Defense: US Space Command today announced that it will take over responsibility for missile defense operations from US Strategic

June 1, 2023

S. Korea succeeds in L-SAM missile interception test for 3rd time

Yonhap News Agency: South Korea succeeded in a test of a key homegrown missile interceptor under development earlier this week,

May 31, 2023

Israeli Army Announces Successful Test of ‘Naval Iron Dome,’ Meant to Protect Natural Gas Infrastructure at Sea

Haartez: The Israeli army announced Monday that it successfully completed a series of tests on its Saar 6 “Magen” navy

May 30, 2023

Japan puts missile defences on alert as North Korea warns of satellite launch

Reuters: Japan put its ballistic missile defences on alert on Monday and vowed to shoot down any projectile that threatens