Missile Defense News

September 22, 2022

Raytheon moves to preliminary design for Glide Phase Interceptor for hypersonic defense

Breaking Defense: Raytheon Missiles and Defense’s proposal for the Missile Defense Agency’s Glide Phase Interceptor program will begin preliminary design after the company reached

September 21, 2022

Army may transfer missile warning capabilities to Space Ops Command: Official

Breaking Defense: The Space Force is in “early” discussions with the Army to potentially take over the Army’s Joint Tactical

September 21, 2022

Why the US still must invest in homeland missile defense

Defense News: North Korea’s test of an unprecedented number of ballistic missiles in 2022, including several types of intercontinental ballistic

September 21, 2022

MDA taps Lockheed for new study on feasibility of laser integration into Missile Defense System

Inside Defense: The Missile Defense Agency has tapped Lockheed Martin to conduct a study that aims to explore whether directed-energy

September 20, 2022

Physics Body Concedes Mistakes in Study of Missile Defense

The New York Times: The world’s largest body of physicists admitted on Monday that a report it had issued seven months ago

September 20, 2022

Canada Plans to Increase Spending on North American Defense

Department of Defense News: The Defense Department welcomes Canada Defense Minister Anita Anand’s June 20 announcement of plans to enlarge

September 19, 2022

Lockheed Martin delivers 300-kilowatt laser to Defense Department

Breaking Defense: Lockheed Martin announced today that it has delivered a 300-kilowatt laser to the Defense Department and will integrate it into an Army

September 19, 2022

Spanish, German companies start work on hypersonic missile interceptor

Defense News: Spanish and German missile manufacturers are leading an effort to develop a new hypersonic defense interceptor as part

September 19, 2022

Germany Choosing Arrow 3 Missile Defense System Would Be A Big Deal

The Drive: There has been a flurry of reports indicating that Germany has chosen the Israeli-made Arrow 3 missile defense system as

September 16, 2022

Negotiations on whether to send F-16s and Patriots to Ukraine continue — but quietly

Politico: Ukraine has stopped publicly asking for high-end U.S. weapons such as Patriot air defense systems, F-16 fighter jets and