Space News

May 26, 2023

South Korea launches first commercial-grade satellite, as North Korea plans first spy satellite

AP News: South Korea successfully launched a commercial-grade satellite for the first time Thursday as part of its growing space

May 25, 2023

Space Force Will Look At How to Hack Targets From Space

Defense One: Two Space Force troops are helping the Air Force’s information-warfare wing explore the future of offensive space operations,

May 19, 2023

Space Force may seek new bidders for future deep-space radars

Defense News After awarding a contract to Northrop Grumman last year to build the first of three deep-space radars, the

May 19, 2023

Space Force ground control operators press for ‘absolutely critical’ network upgrades

Breaking Defense As the number of US government satellites continues to grow, the Space Force’s already outdated Satellite Control Network

May 19, 2023

Space Force official: Lack of communication with China increases risk of mishaps in orbit

SpaceNews The Defense Department has adopted a set of rules for responsible space operations amid growing concerns that rival nations are deploying

May 18, 2023

Space Force selects Parsons to develop ground system for missile-warning satellites

Space News: The U.S. Space Force awarded Parsons a $55 million contract to develop a ground system for a network

May 12, 2023

Congressional concern re-emerges on fate of MDA’s hypersonic missile tracking sensors

Breaking Defense A years-long tug-of-war over a key missile defense tracking program has taken another turn, as the Space Development Agency (SDA) is

May 10, 2023

Space Force wants commercial sat buses to carry ‘bundled’ experiments

Breaking Defense: The Defense Department’s Space Test Program (STP) is setting up a system to buy commercial satellite buses capable of carrying

May 9, 2023

How the Space Force will manage surging launch demand

Defense News: On May 4, SpaceX launched its latest batch of Starlink satellites, increasing the size of its behemoth broadband

May 2, 2023

How three space agencies are collaborating on next-gen missile warning

C4ISRNET: About a year ago, the Space Force established a combined program office to ensure that the three Pentagon agencies