A U.S. Marine assigned to Special Purpose Marine-Air Ground Task Force - Crisis Response - Central Command, operates a Drone Buster during counter unmanned aircraft systems (C-UAS) training at the Baghdad Embassy Compound in Iraq, Oct. 9, 2020. The C-UAS training focused on the fundamentals detecting and deterring threats posed by UAS operations. The SPMAGTF-CR-CC is a crisis response force, prepared to deploy a variety of capabilities across the region. (U.S. Marine Corps photo by Gunnery Sgt. Artur Shvartsberg)

U.S. Counter-UAS Systems

C-UAS SystemPurpose
Drone BusterHandheld jammer and EW system
M-LIDSElectronic warfare & kinetic defeat vehicle
Smart Shooter (SMASH)Kinetic anti-drone rifle sight for small unmanned targets
Coyote LauncherMounted kinetic anti-drone launcher
NinjaFixed site EW and detection system
ModiDismounted communications jammer
FS-LIDSFixed EW anti-drone system
L-MadisVehicle-mounted EW anti-drone system
FAAD C2C2 system used for countering indirect fire and UAS attacks
MEDUSA C2C2 software used for the Ninja system
ADSITactical C2 system used with the L-Madis
CorianPassive/active sensor system for detecting UAS
SkyviewLong-range UAS detection and tracking system
WindtalkerPassive UAS detection system
Bal ChatriIndividually carried UAS detection and alert device