SS-1d Scud-C

July 2017 by Jacob Gleasun


NATO Designation SS-1d Scud-C
Missile Variants Scud-A, Scud-B, Scud-D
Mobility and Role Short-Ranged Ballistic Missile
Designer/Producer Makeyev OKB
Range 550 km
Warhead Type Conventional, Chemical
Yield 600 kg (Conventional)
Guidance System/Accuracy Inertial/550 CEP
Stages/Propellant 1/Liquid
IOC/Retirement 1965/Still Active
Status/Number of Units Operational/Unknown
Launch Vehicles Transport-Erector-Launcher (TEL)


Originally developed by the Soviet Union and deployed in 1965, the Scud-C has long since been replaced in Russia by the more reliable SS-26 Iskander. While the Scud-C has not proliferated to the extent of the Scud-B, it still remains relevant and operational in several countries around the world. The Scud-C is an “improved” version of the Scud-B, however, it still has poor accuracy with a CEP of 900 km and lacks the nuclear capability of the Scud-B. This has led to less reliance of the Scud-C except for “general bombardment.” The only real area of improvement for the Scud-C over the Scud-B is that it has an increased range of 550 km.

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