Air Defense News

July 15, 2024

Philippines Department of Defense Requests Acquisition of Japanese-made Air Defense Missile Systems

Military Leak In a recent interview, former Japanese Defense Minister Onodera Itsunori confirmed that the Philippines’ Department of Defense has

July 11, 2024

South Korea to mass produce lasers that can take out drones at $1.50 a hit

CNN South Korea is beginning the mass production of a low-cost laser weapon that has successfully shot down small drones

July 10, 2024

Joe Biden Hands Ukraine Huge Air Defenses Boost

Newsweek Several NATO countries, including the U.S., will furnish Ukraine with “dozens” of air defense systems in the next few

July 10, 2024

US, allies announce additional air defense systems for Ukraine

Reuters The United States and its allies will deliver to Ukraine five additional air defense systems, including Patriot missile batteries

July 10, 2024

US, allies to send Ukraine 5 strategic air defense systems

The Hill President Biden announced that NATO allies will be providing Ukraine with a significant air defense package, in remarks

July 10, 2024

Poland, Ukraine move to link arms industries, coordinate air defenses

Defense News With the war in Ukraine expected to dominate the agenda of the NATO summit that begins in Washington

July 10, 2024

Ukraine opens DC weapons office and Europe bolsters defense spending as November US election looms

AP News NATO countries are moving to shore up their weapons production capabilities as a hedge against the November presidential

July 8, 2024

NATO tests counter-drone playbook amid real-life jamming in Romania

Defense News After months of delays, NATO has adopted its first counter-drone doctrine, testing its tenets in an exercise along

July 8, 2024

Estonia delivers Mistral air defense systems to Ukraine – here’s what they can do

Kyiv Independent Estonia has delivered several Mistral air defense systems to Ukraine, the country’s defense ministry said on July 6.

July 8, 2024

Zelenskiy: Ukraine wants to double air defence capabilities through the summer

Reuters President Volodymyr Zelenskiy said on Friday he wanted to double Ukraine’s air defence capacity over the summer after receiving