MDAA in the News

September 26, 2023

US, Japanese troops train to fight in many domains during 10-day Orient Shield

Stars and Stripes Thousands of American and Japanese soldiers have honed their multidomain skills across Japan this month, the commander

September 21, 2023

DoD Boosting Advanced Satellite Tracking Initiatives, Driving Missile Defense Capabilities for Guam

Clearance Jobs Concerned that potential adversaries are fielding more advanced missiles that could strike the United States or its interests,

September 13, 2023

Key Army general calls for JLENS-like system for Guam defense, wants very high elevated sensor

Inside Defense The U.S. military should resuscitate a 2004 requirement for a high-flying, stationary radar to bolster defense of Guam,

September 13, 2023

Talk About Trial Balloons: Military Mulls American Balloons To Help Defend Against Missiles

The Sun To help defend against Chinese spy balloons and other incoming threats, America could develop and deploy some balloons

September 6, 2023

SAM Sites Could Return To Critical Locales Across U.S.

The Drive The U.S. military has begun a new formal effort to explore options for how to better defend the

September 1, 2023

Summary of external news of North Korea this week

Yonhap News Agency: Tal Inbar, a senior research fellow at the U.S-based Missile Defense Advocacy Alliance who has followed North

August 21, 2023

Concerns over 360-degree missile defence system planned to protect Guam

Australian Broadcasting Corporation: Founder of the Missile Defense Advocacy Alliance, Riki Ellison, said building up the island’s defence capability was

August 18, 2023

General: China military threats drive missile defense buildup on Guam

Washington Times: The Pentagon is engaged in a crash program to build up missile defenses on Guam based on growing concerns of possible missile

August 15, 2023

US, Japan are natural partners in hypersonic missile defense, experts say

Stars and Stripes: The U.S. and Japan already have a high-flying interceptor they can improve to shoot down advanced weapons

July 5, 2023

Pentagon: Missile defense base in northern Poland to be ready by year-end

TVP World According to a Pentagon spokesperson, the construction of a U.S. anti-missile base in the northern Polish village of