MDAA in the News

November 8, 2019

US response to drone and missile attack inadequate, advocacy group says

Washington Examiner: The independent Missile Defense Advocacy Alliance released a detailed and highly critical analysis of the failure of U.S. technology

November 8, 2019

US Missile Defense Officials Strengthen THAAD-Patriot Integrity to Protect North Korean Long-Range Missiles

Voice of America: Missile defense officials say the United States will tighten its defenses to intercept North Korean long-range missiles.

October 8, 2019

Raytheon looks to land big multi-year contracts amid growing missile threats

Tucson: Tucson-based Raytheon Missile Systems marked the delivery of its 400th Standard Missile-3 ballistic missile interceptor last week, but

October 4, 2019

Pakistan Maintains Missile Tests

Arms Control Association: Pakistan tested a 290-kilometer-range ballistic missile in late August, soon after a set of clashes between

October 4, 2019

China parades new weapons superior to America’s, including hypersonic missile ‘immune” to defensive systems

Washington Examiner: RED STORM RISING: It been a few days since China rolled some of its new ballistic missiles through

August 23, 2019

Pentagon kills ‘kill vehicle’

Washington Examiner: The Pentagon is canceling a multibillion-dollar contract with Boeing for what’s known as the Redesigned Kill Vehicle,

August 15, 2019

Slippery slope: MDA boss fights transfer of missile defense system to Army

Defense News: HUNTSVILLE, Ala. — The new U.S. Missile Defense Agency director is opposed to the transfer of the Terminal

July 8, 2019

Future uncertain for ‘golf ball’ radar ship

Star Advertiser: The Sea-Based X-Band Radar recently did yeoman duty in the Pacific watching for North Korean missiles and

April 12, 2019

Missile defense test success accelerates arms race with Russia, China, program critic says

Alaska Public Media: A prominent critic of U.S. missile defense agrees that a test of the system two weeks

April 8, 2019

Will Northeast Ohio get a missile defense site?

The Review: WASHINGTON — A military base roughly 30 miles from the now-shuttered GM plant at Lordstown may encapsulate