Firing the Hwasal-2 cruise missile on 23 February 2023 (Photo: Rodong Sinmun/KCNA)


March, 2023
North Korea/U.S. DesignationHwasal-2
Mobility and RoleRoad Mobile
Designer and ProducerN/A
Warhead Type and WeightUnknown
MIRV and YieldNo/Unknown
Guidance System/AccuracyUnknown
Status/Number of UnitsUnknown


On February 24, 2023, North Korea fired the four “Hwasal-2” missiles in the area of Kim Chaek City, North Hamgyong Province, towards the sea off the east coast of the Korean Peninsula. According to the statement, the four missiles hit the preset target on the East Sea of Korea after traveling the 2,000km elliptical and eight-shaped flight orbits for 170 minutes. [i]

Strategic Implications

Long range cruise missiles offer stategic advantages against missile defense systems that require specific altitudes to target missiles. A LRCM can be fired at distances that MRBMs can, but also at lower altitudes to evade missile defense systems, and can be maneuvered manually. It puts South Korean and Japanese strategic targets in jeopardy.

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