Russian/NATO Designation S-300V/SA-12A Gladiator, SA-12B Giant
Variants Antey-2500
Mobility and Role Ground-based/Road-mobile; Short to long-range air and missile defense
Missiles and Range  Gladiator (75 km); Giant (100 km); Antey-2500 (200 km)
Targets Cruise missiles, low-flying aircraft, short- to medium-range ballistic missiles
Status/Exports  Deployed/ Exported


The S-300V has two different versions based on the missile it uses, the SA-12A Gladiator primarily for targeting aircraft and the SA-12B Giant primarily for tactical ballistic and cruise missiles. The S-300V was initially deployed in 1986 and is still being produced and employed today. The Gladiator has a range of 75 km and a max altitude of 25 km. The Giant has a range of 100 km and an altitude ceiling between 30 and 40 km. The S-300V system uses a phased-array sector-scan radar with a range of 175 km and can track up to 16 targets simultaneously. A modified version of the S-300V system was revealed in 1998 called the Antey-2500. The Antey-2500 version has a range of 200 km, a max altitude of 30 km, and can engage 24 targets simultaneously. The Antey-2500 can target ballistic missiles with a range of 2,500 km. Russia has sought to export the S-300V system to numerous countries including Iran and India.

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