Designation Zolfaghar
Missile Variants Fateh-110 family
Mobility and Role Road-mobile/Short-Range Ballistic Missile
Designer/Producer Islamic Republic of Iran
Range 700km
Warhead Type and Weight Cluster/Unknown
MIRV and Yield N.A.
Guidance System/Accuracy Inertial, GPS/100m CEP “est”
Stages/Propellant Single/Solid
IOC/Retirement 2016/N.A.
Status/Number of Units Testing/Unknown


The Zolfaghar (alternately spelled Zulfiqar) short-range ballistic missile (SRBM) is a variant of the Fateh-110 SRBM family. Developed as a part of a larger campaign to “improve the range and accuracy of current missile systems,”[i] the solid-fueled Zolfaghar is reported to have a range of 700km and possess a cluster munition warhead.[ii] Some Iranian press reports have claimed the Zolfaghar is accurate within 10 meters and equipped with multiple independent reentry vehicles (MIRV), but this information has not been verified.[iii]

Strategic Implications

Despite that fact that the Zolfaghar SRBM first appeared during a parade in September 2016 aboard a vehicle decorated with a banner displaying an anti-Israeli message,[iv] the Israel sits well outside of the missile’s 700 kilometer range.[v] Rather, the Zolfaghar poses a threat to its more immediate neighbors.[vi] The missile’s greater strategic significance, then, is its demonstration of a growing Iranian ballistic missile capability. Whether the Zolfaghar enters mass production remains to be seen.[vii]


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Missile Threat and Proliferation


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