(Photo Credit: DVIDS - U.S. Army)

Issue Brief: Fighting in the New Frontiers: Multi Domain Operations, Convergence, and Offense-Defense Integration


Changes in the dynamics of global power and centers of geopolitical friction combined with the threats and capabilities fielded and currently under development by adversaries has led the United States Army to develop the Multi Domain Operations (MDO) concept. This has been brought to the Joint Force under the name Joint All-Domain Operations with four subordinate parts: Joint All-Domain Command & Control (JADC2), global and joint fires, logistics, and information advantage. In this report the concepts of MDO are introduced and we present how convergence of command & control, information, and fires for true Offense-Defense Integration, specifically for Integrated Air and Missile Defense, is imperative for the modern battlefield. These principles will be applied to case studies of the most recent U.S. conflicts to illustrate how MDO concepts fill operational gaps identified in after-action reviews.

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