Thank You Mr. President and Thank You Mrs. Reagan

May 14, 2006

On behalf of our members at MDAA and the American Public, we are deeply honored and moved to dedicate and bring forward a memorial to President Ronald Reagan in recognition of his permanent legacy “to defend lives rather than avenge lives.” Our country’s former first lady, Mrs. Nancy Reagan, representing her late husband, graciously unveiled a bronze statue of President Reagan and accepted the Congressional renaming of the four deployed missile defense sites at the Vandenberg Air Force Base in California after President Ronald Reagan.

“He would be honored that this site, overlooking the beautiful Pacific Ocean that he loved so much, will be a testament to his commitment to security and peace for America and the free world,” Mrs. Reagan stated.Senator Ted Stevens remarked, “We are here today to celebrate the remarkable achievement of Ronald Reagan who will be remembered and revered for many things. But if you (could) ask him, I think he would tell you his greatest achievement was to safeguard the freedom and safeguard the people of the United States. This symbol of President Reagan’s vision – and now a reality – offers all of us an enduring legacy of a world leader who anticipated the future to make our country and world a safer place.
In order to pay tribute to President Reagan and his missile defense efforts, a bronze sculpture has been commissioned as a permanent memorial to our honoree. Following this ceremony, the sculpture will be moved to its permanent location at the Del Punta viewing site that overlooks the Pacific Ocean and all four launch facilities for the Ground-Based Interceptors. We hereby dedicate this sculpture to President Reagan for his steadfast commitment to the development and deployment of missile defenses,” said Riki Ellison. Thank you Mr. President and thank you Mrs. Reagan.

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Curtis Stiles - Chief of Staff