MDAA on the Move

May 21, 2004

Dear Members, Supporters and Friends;

MDAA is fulfilling its purpose of reflecting America’s public position on missile defense to our leaders and decision makers here in Washington D.C.

Over the last month we’ve met with the Secretary of Defense, Vice Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, DOD officials and Generals, Senators, members of congress, staffs of key committees, the Kerry Campaign, the Bush/Cheney Campaign, and other major opinion leaders. MDAA continues to communicate to our leaders what the American public has stated on missile defense over the past year based on independent data gathered throughout our country.

MDAA was honored to host the distinguished Major General Obering at our “Breakfast of Champions” last month (click to see his bio). We will be posting his presentation on our site shortly. On July 2, 2004 General Kadish will transfer command of the Missile Defense Agency to General Obering.

In keeping with our mission, we intend on pressing hard in key swing states as the country gears up for the November elections. Last week in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania we completed a focus group that reveals some very interesting and thoughtful opinions expressed by registered women voters, age 30-55 (click to view download options for focus group results).

Next week, we’ll be back in Pennsylvania conducting polls and a major media tour, meeting with key decision makers and opinion leaders in Altoona, Harrisburg, Philadelphia, Pittsburgh, and Johnstown. MDAA looks forward to releasing the results of what the citizens of Pennsylvania believe concerning missile defense.

MDAA is honored to reflect your voice on missile defense during our next phase of advocacy across the country.

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