The Breaking of the Seals

January 12, 2006

Yesterday, the country of Iran resumed its uranium enrichment program in its mission to create, acquire and proliferate nuclear weapons. The breaking of seals at Iran’s Natanz plant by the government of President Mohamoud Ahmadinejad directly violated the diplomatic agreement which suspended its enrichment program with the United Kingdom, France, and Germany. In addition, Iran rejected Russia’s offer to enrich Iranian uranium for peaceful means.

This unilateral act by a sovereign nation, coupled with North Korea’s disregard for international sanctions, clearly states to the world, the will to acquire nuclear weapons is greater than the regime’s respect and regard for diplomacy, international agreements and sanctions.

Both Nations have committed to proliferating technologies and weapons in their possession and future weapons as President Ahmandinejad proclaimed in 2005 to spread nuclear technology to Islamic regimes.

It is with much urgency and importance for our public safety and world that something must be done other than going to war to ensure our lives from the threat of a country such as Iran.

We as a nation and a world must have deployed missile defense systems, now most importantly in Europe.

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