Senator Lieberman Understands

June 25, 2003

“We face dangerous and diverse threats we can see clearly – including terrorist, rogue states and chemical, biological, radiological and nuclear weapons – and threats we can’t see clearly – disorder caused by poverty, environmental dangers, sickness and despair.” – Senator Joseph Lieberman, June 22, 2003

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As stated above, Senator Lieberman understands that the United States and her allies do live with a real and credible threat from terrorist and rogue nations. Presently there are over 25 nations that have the capability of delivering a weapon of mass destruction by ballistic missile.

Senator Lieberman was one of the first Democratic Senators to support the development of a missile defense system under the Clinton administration. Today he stands with many other prominent Democratic Senators such as Bill Nelson and John Breaux in endorsing Missile Defense. In addition, there are many more politicians on all levels of government who posses the vision that the United States is not fully protected without a defense against ballistic missiles.

Missile Defense is no longer an issue that is decided along party lines. After September 11, some of our nation’s most liberal and conservative leaders have come to the realization that the United States needs a fully functional missile defense system to protect its citizens. This public safety issue is being advocated on all levels of government from the localities to Capitol Hill. Presently many states are adopting resolutions supporting the development and deployment of a missile defense system.

The nations or terrorists groups that would seek to fire a ballistic missile at the United States seek to destroy our way of life. They seek the destruction of the entire American way of life. Missile Defense is now an issue for all Americans.

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