90-5: The Right Vote at the Right Time for the Right Reason

July 13, 2007

The United States Senate voted on an amendment yesterday to state the policy of the United States on the protection of the United States and its allies against Iranian ballistic missiles. This 90-5 bi partisan dominating majority of United States Senate reinforces both the need and the reality of missile defense. The amendment stands as a vanguard against Iran and those that defy the international community. Senate Amendment 2024
It is important that we acknowledge the growing threat to peace and security that arises from Irans nuclear and missile programs. Irans government has continued developing weapons of increasing sophistication and range, in defiance of the international communitys requests. Irans government has openly declared hostilities on America, and we have traced explosives and weapons found in Iraq back to Iran, Sessions said. The Senate today acknowledged that we must build missile defense systems that ensure we are able to protect our country and our allies against a potential Iranian attack. ~Senator Sessions

Missile Defense momentum continues and is further bolstered by our United States Senats voice to add to the recent developments in Europe on this issue. Earlier this month, President Putin offered cooperation with NATO to share ballistic missile data and to deploy an advanced early warning radar system either in Azerbaijan or in Southern Russia, while sharing that data with both the United States and Europe. The 26 nations of NATO have also moved in support of Missile Defense over the recent months — 21 of them now support Missile Defense; 9 of them are actively developing missile defense with the United States; and, in addition, NATO as a whole continues to place a sizable investment into missile defense. Furthermore, France, Germany, Italy, Spain, and the Netherlands are developing and deploying their own missile defense systems which will be coordinated to protect NATO as well their own national interests.

We applaud this significant recognition of the threat from Iran as both a reflection of our allies and a leadership position. This amendment from the Senate gives our Military the confidence and mandate to move forward and to bring the best solution possible to defend our deployed troops and our mutual populations of Europe and the United States.

90-5 is a worthy statement of support. Thank you Senator Sessions for introducing the amendment; thank you Senator Reid for leading the majority; and thank you Senator McConnell for leading the minority to reach a solid and profound consensus.

On behalf of making the World a safer place and our nation more secure, we extend appreciation and recognition to all those Senators listed below that had foresight, leadership and courage to make the right stand at the right time for the right reason.

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Curtis Stiles - Chief of Staff