Freedom is Not Free

November 11, 2010

Dear Member and Friends,

Today we celebrate the twenty-two million veterans living in the United States today. One and half million of those veterans are currently serving in our armed forces.  Each one of them deserves recognition and appreciation from all of us throughout this nation as they have directly paid the price for our freedom.

For over 284 years most of our veterans joined the armed forces to do and be part of something bigger then themselves, for a far greater cause then themselves. They joined together to form a singular force to defend our freedoms and our nation.

Appropriately, this four day weekend is a Presidential order for our active military to take off to celebrate, be recognized and be thanked.

It is a true honor to celebrate this day with U.S. Army soldiers from the 32nd Air Defense Artillery Command stationed at Fort Bliss Texas; home of the 1st Armored Division and the 11th ADA “Imperial” Brigade.


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