September 04, 2008

Dear Members and Friends,

Last week, the leader of the Republic of Poland, Prime Minister Donald Tusk further embedded his decision to host the United States missile defense system by personally visiting the region and the people where the 10 U.S. defensive missiles will be deployed in Northern Poland. The Prime Minister’s presentation to the local community as well as his appearance and that of the Defense Minister Bogdan Klich and General Mieczyslaw Stachowiak from the Polish Army to the people of Slupsk community and surrounding areas sent a clear, resounding message to the public of Poland that the agreement with the United States is in the best interests of Poland, its future and for the local community.

Mr. Tusk made the case publicly “from the point of view of Poland’s interests, we will be strategically more secure.” Tusk continued “I am the last person to seek conflict with our neighbors, but as Prime Minister I must not leave Poland defenseless,” said Tusk as he answered questions from the public at-large in Slupsk.

Public safety was the most overriding concern for the local community, questions about the safety of the missiles as well as the consequences of the deployment of a U.S. system to the community were answered by the Prime Minster Tusk. In his presentation, Prime Minster Tusk committed to the local community the following items: 1) Development of a speedway/freeway from Gdansk to Slupsk (about 80 miles), 2) Development of a national road between Slupsk and Ustka as well as a road around the city center and 3) A land exchange of 550 hectares from the Polish Army for the 400 hectares from the municipality that would be used in conjunction with the missile defense site with a possibility of a special economic zone located in the exchanged land.

This public display and endorsement from Poland’s highest ranking officials for their decision to have a strategic partnership with the United States and by doing so strengthening the security of NATO is courageous, strong and powerful in light of the open threats and public rhetoric by the Russian Federation. Iran’s continued development, testing and deployment of ballistic missiles coupled with their nuclear ambition and intent are the sole reasons why Poland’s decision to defend NATO and the United States are valid and valued by western democracies and their populations.
On behalf of our membership worldwide, thank you Poland for your vision, will and courage.

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