Real Money for Real Protection

October 06, 2005

Dear Members and Friends,

This week, the United States Congress is debating the merits of the 2006 Defense Bill, which accounts for over 440 billion dollars. That substantial amount of tax dollars, paid by our citizens, is deemed necessary for our nation’s defense and protection by the members of Congress and the President of the United States for the year of 2006.

Out of that colossal amount of tax dollars spent on defense, missile defense, which provides protection through deployment, deterrence and dissuasion for our population, cities, and economy, makes up less than 2% of that figure. That small amount of our defense budget is supported throughout our country’s public as affordable. National polling showed that 53% of the American public believes that missile defense is affordable, which includes solid support from Democrats, Independents and Republicans. In addition, national polling showed that 79% of our population support having a missile defense system which shows a solid commitment and sends a clear message to our democratic leaders, in Congress and to the President, that missile defense needs to be embedded, funded and deployed.

Today, some of our elected leaders on the House floor are offering amendments to cut funding and cut back programs essential for the safety of our public from ballistic missile threats. As one example, Senator Levin (Michigan) and Senator Reed (Rhode Island) have requested to take 50 million from missile defense and put it towards counter-threat reduction (CTR), of which over 107 million allocated in 2005 has not been spent; and the 2006 budget request for CTR of 415.5 million has been increased and is fully funded.

To this extent, MDAA has launched a software program on its web site allowing you real-time communication to all elected state and federal officials in the United States. I urge you and your friends to let your voice be heard, make our democracy work and demand real protection for the real money you have given to the federal government this year.

Those elected officials, that support and those that don’t support missile defense, need to hear and listen to you. Take the time this week to send a quick, strong endorsement to your local representative and senator.

You will make a difference and our world will be a safer place.

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