“Snake Eyes”

June 07, 2012

Dear Members and Friends,

In Naha, Okinawa where the air hangs, thick on a well-nourished fertile 70 mile long island perched upon reefs that are the sentinel, smack dab in the middle of a natural geological containment of the China Seas both East and North. With its coral reefs, strategic location, and deep blue ocean drop offs make it bountiful for fruits of the sea, U.S. Marines, Japanese tourists, the U.S. Air Force’s largest combat fighter wing, elements of the Japanese Self Defense Force, support facilities of the U.S. Naval 7th Fleet and the local Okinawans.

The United States presence here in Okinawa, Japan began in April, 1945 with a horrific fight that lasted months and over 100,000 casualties. The cost and number of lives lost during the battle of Okinawa were key tipping points that led to the use of the atomic bomb to conclude the war quickly and without the massive loss of life it would have required to do conventionally.

This little skinny island, where most of the world doesn’t know or care where it is located, is the center of gravity holding balance of the emergence of the great power of Asia and the West. Decisions made from consequences of this emergence here in the future could be as profound to the world as the consequences made from Okinawa on the use of an atomic bomb.

It is with great foresight and significance that all the U.S. military services and the Japanese Military have and support Missile Defense capability here in Okinawa to ensure status quo, freedom of access of international seas and air space for the most tremendous economic growth region of the world in which we live in.

Missile defense is a critical strategic asset that does not inflict loss of life or offensive action, it is being used strategically today right here effectively from the island of Okinawa, to prevent conflict and ensure safety to this most powerful region of the world where emergence of growth and power will take place this century.

Decisions made with our Nation’s best Missile Defense Capability embedded and supported here in Okinawa will positively influence the shape of Asia, the United States and the future of our global economic prosperity.

MDAA was honored to visit and recognize our soldiers of our Missile Defense Systems here in Okinawa, Japan. The 1-1 “Snake Eyes” Air Defense Artillery Battalion is located here, where men and women of the Army Air Defense Artillery Branch spend two to three year tours manning these systems in preventing conflict and assuring peace in this region.

On behalf of our Alliance and the American Public, it is with sincere appreciation and strong support of our nation’s men and women that their selfless service is making our nation and world safe.

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