Defendo Libertas Mare

March 04, 2005

Dear Members and Friends,

Enclosed for your viewing is the live video clip and pictures of last week’s successful intercept test of a Standard Missile – 3 launched from the Aegis Cruiser (CG 70) USS Lake Erie. The SM-3 was launched from the Aegis Cruiser (CG 70) USS Lake Erie and the enemy target missile was launched from the Pacific missile range facility in Kauai, Hawaii which resembled a single stage Scud missile. This video footage shows the infrared seeker’s viewpoint on top of the kinetic vehicle as the SM-3 interceptor, by the use of its own energy, hones down and destroys a fast-moving (5,000 mph) enemy target missile.

This successful test proves the real capability of the Aegis platforms Cruiser (CG 70) and Destroyer (DDG 59) USS Russell. They detected, tracked and produced a firing solution through the use of its AN/SPY-1 Radar and launched a very capable Standard Missile Three (SM-3) interceptor.

This serves a message to all that we have technology for missile defense; the technology works, and the continued deployment and evolution needs to be urgently forthcoming to make our world and our communities a safer place to live.

On behalf of our MDAA members and the American public, we are grateful and have deep appreciation for all of those working to make this sea-based capability a real and successful one.

Defendo Libertas Mare (Defending Freedom from the Sea.)

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