Difference Maker

May 12, 2006

As our country and the world reacts to Iran as an up and coming nuclear power per the statements from Iran’s President, we at MDAA endorse all diplomatic and international initiatives to reduce the risk to our world from nuclear threats, intimidation and potential devastation by nuclear weapons not only from Iran but from all countries and entities that possess or seek to posses nuclear capability.

We as a nation are very fortunate to have had the foresight, the technology, the funding and the workforce to develop a rudimentary missile defense system that will insure some defense for our public against the unstoppable proliferation of nuclear weapons and their ballistic delivery systems. Since 1983, through Republican and Democratic Administrations as well as Congresses, federal funds from the Department of Defense have been put to use in research, development and recently limited deployment of missile defense systems. These recently deployed systems though neither enough nor 100 percent effective are the foundation for a multi layered defense that will evolve to protect our nation from all ballistic missile threats from all places at all times.

Our Public Will has, is and continues to be the difference.

To that extent, MDAA was honored to have the President Pro Tempore of the United States Senate, Senator Ted Stevens, present on Missile Defense to the public and our members in Santa Barbara, California last week. The senator’s message was clear, “the will of our public will play a dominant role on the future support for deployment and funding of Missile Defense.” The Senator was also joined by Lt. General Trey Obering, the director of the Missile Defense Agency in speaking on Missile Defense.

Be a Difference Maker! Our future depends on it.

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