Missile Defense Outreach Established in Poland

March 19, 2008

Dear Members and Friends,

Today MDAA has established a Polish website and named a Polish Director of Advocacy, Dr. Andrzej Jodkowski, to provide independent information to the Polish Public on Missile Defense.

This emerging and critical debate on whether or not to host a U.S. Missile Defense site on Polish soil by the Polish people is important, necessary and strengthens as well as respects the democracy now in place in Poland. Both sides of the Missile Defense debate need to be heard, evaluated and communicated to the Polish people.

MDAA’s purpose and motivation is its core belief that deployed Missile Defense systems will make the world a safer place, as these systems protect, deter, dissuade and provide another option than going to war against those entities that have and continue to proliferate and threaten human life with ballistic missiles and nuclear weapon technology.

MDAA’s website at will now have an icon that directs viewers to a Polish-language version which carries independent information on missile defense. This new feature will be fully operational and integrated on April 4, 2008. Today there is a one-page example available for viewing.

Dr. Andrzej Jodkowski, the new Director of Polish Advocacy on Missile Defense, is a Polish citizen who is a former Economics Professor at the Pedagogical College in Slupsk, Poland. He is located in Warsaw and can be reached by at (ajodkowski@missiledefenseadvocacy.org). Dr. Jodkowski will organize and promote MDAA outreach activities and provide information on missile defense for local communities, civic organizations, government officials and the media. Dr. Jodkowski approached MDAA long ago as a volunteer and a true champion in his belief that Missile Defense makes the world a safer place.

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