Incentive to the World

January 19, 2007

Chinas display of the use of ballistic missiles for space intercepts, as reported today by The New York Times and The Washington Post adds incentive and endorses proliferation of missiles to countries seeking that technology. China has proven, especially to Iran and North Korea that ballistic missile capability represents power, self defense and an ability to deter. This model of international behavior will only encourage proliferators to develop their ballistic missile capability.

MDAA is very concerned, as the world should be, by the symbolic and demonstrative gesture of the Chinese government and their military in launching a ballistic missile that destroyed a satellite 500 miles in space orbit on January 11. This internationally visible display sent a strong message of Chinese power and intentions to the United States and the other countries throughout the world that have current space assets and satellites in space. The vulnerability of space assets to Chinese ballistic missile attacks or threats of that capability now exists and has been demonstrated. It is imperative that our new Congress and the President of the United States put forward strong measures in diplomatic means and condemnation acts with the international community to the Peoples Republic of China for their action.

We as a world have to address a ballistic missile race and as we have seen; diplomacy, arms control, United Nations Sanctions, international condemnation and pre-emptive military action has yet to stop the proliferation of ballistic missiles. The facts remain, ballistic missile proliferation continues to grow, making our world more unstable and dangerous.

We are thankful for the bi-partisan support under Democratic and Republican Presidents that has allowed our country a fall back position of a deployed and evolving missile defense system. It is a system that is air, sea and land-based, which is the cutting-edge of technology applying Americas industrial strength with her scientific and engineering community and the support of her Allies.

Peace is our incentive.

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