You Are Not the First, You Are Not the Last, But You Are Next

February 15, 2006

Dear Friends & Members,

Today the Islamic Republic of Iran made the decision to resume urianium enrichment that can produce nuclear weapon capability, against the international community and the United Nations Security Council.

We at MDAA, neither reject, nor endorse the actions of an independent and sovereign nation who seeks to acquire nuclear technology

This action is not the first or the last, but it is the next sovereign country that will acquire nuclear technology and nuclear weapons.

Since the signing of the 1970 Nuclear Proliferation Treaty , the number of countries that have acquired nuclear weapons has close to tripled, regardless of diplomacy, International arms control agreements and United Nations sanctions. This trend will continue and accelerate due to technology transfer and the advancement of science regardless of international efforts, diplomacy, sanctions and weapon reduction programs.

We at MDAA do not want to put the United States President, the Congress and the people of this country in a ‘critical position’ that would seek preemptive military attack or invasion into a sovereign state to eliminate a new acquired nuclear system, which would cause loss of life and the greater possibility of a global conflict. Missile defense provides a non-aggressive, peaceful means to eliminate, defer and prevent a ‘critical’ decision such as this.

We must move more with urgency to forward base a missile defense site in a European country such as Poland, the Czech Republic or the Ukraine for the best geometrical solution to a ballistic threat from the Middle East.

We urge you, our congress, our President to give us missile defense protection from the Islamic regime of Iran.

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