“Freedom is Not Free”

May 29, 2012

Dear Members and Friends,

In respect to our nation’s annual Memorial Day tribute to all of those that have sacrificed and to their families, their friends and their communities, MDAA was honored to visit the Korean War Memorial in Seoul, South Korea to lay respect to those Americans that sacrificed their lives on the foreign soil in Korea as well as the total of 4 Million that were sacrificed between 1945 and 1953, in fighting for the freedom for the now 50 million people of South Korea.

There are no words strong enough to neither suffice and honor the fallen and their families nor ease the pain of suffering. Between the bronze statues here in Seoul Korea, lay chiseled in white speckled granite the words “Freedom is not Free.”

Like our other memorialized United States engagements of sacrifices thousands of miles away from the soils of our own nation, they are unheralded though they have provided freedom for hundreds of millions that live with those freedoms today.

The United States as a nation, especially through these tough economic times, should always sacrifice resources, always deploy our forces forward and always apply the diplomatic efforts necessary to secure what those freedoms were sacrificed for and most of all so we may strive as a nation to prevent more sacrifices.

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