Let’s Compete

April 17, 2009

Dear Members and Friends,

Over the past week, MDAA is doing what it does best – its fundamental core mission – educating and advocating on missile defense to the American public and as a direct result driven the political will to develop and deploy missile defense. Over the last 8 days MDAA has advocated to the public in a variety of settings from five different states – Nevada, Hawaii, Arkansas, Mississippi, and California. MDAA has engaged personally with three U.S. Senators and two U.S. Congressmen in their respective home states and with their constituents, alongside of them on missile defense. Senator Mark Pryor (D) Arkansas, Senator Daniel Inouye (D) Hawaii, Senator Robert Wicker (R) Mississippi, Congressman Gregg Harper (R) Mississippi, and Congressman Mike Ross (D) Arkansas.

Reno, Nevada, April 7 – 8
Kauai, Hawaii, April 9 – 11
Camden, Arkansas, April 12 – 13
Starkville, Mississippi, April 14 – 15
Los Angeles, California, April 16 – 19

We believe more than ever, that the education of our public on missile defense is of the utmost importance. The public awareness of the issue has increased dramatically due to the recent events as missile defense has and continues to be at the forefront of the nation and major world news.

The American public will have a strong voice and that voice will be listened to by the Administration and in the United States Congress on this specific issue. For our Congress and the Administration to deny the continued full support of a robust multi-layered missile defense system that protects our nation and our armed forces from ballistic missiles and future nuclear weapons cannot be justified to the American public whose lives and nation are at stake.

Join us in making a difference that makes our nation safe.

Educate someone somewhere in this great nation of ours on Missile Defense.

Let’s Compete.

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