Critical Mass

July 2, 2006

The Wall Street Journal becomes the first prominent and world-renowned United State’s newspaper with close to two million subscribers to endorse Missile Defense as a policy and priority for the United States and the world.

“The Pentagon now spends nearly $10 billion a year on missile defense and is developing several promising new technologies… With the expanding North Korean and Iran missile threats, it’d be nice to think Democrats would acknowledge their mistakes. But we’d gladly forgo any apologies if liberal Democrats would finally admit that missile defenses are a necessary part of America’s antiterror state arsenal.”

The editorial board in full endorsement of their opinion section produced for their readership on July 21st.

Click here to read the Wall Street Journal article.

The momentum brought about from the current world crisis in Israel and Lebanon where missile defense systems are deployed-as well as North Korea where recent news of an Iranian Delegation being present during the past seven missile launches for technical knowledge and most likely for purchasing missiles and their technology builds the public’s requirement for missile defense.

It is imperative that we should recognize the retaliatory military action causing civilian death and economic devastation in Lebanon and Israel because of offensive missiles and lack of options in defending against them. It is duly noted that Israel has deployed its missile defense system ‘Arrow‘ as well as Patriot 2 units that are currently protecting northern Israel and center of their country from scud-type and bigger ballistic missiles with much larger payloads and destruction capabilities.

It is unfortunate that world events which cause death and destruction bring forward the necessary arguments and endorsements for missile defense.

The Wall Street Journal is the first of many more to come.

The Big Mo for Missile Defense is gaining critical mass.

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