October 19, 2006

MDAA had the honor to be with our country’s troops serving in the United States Army and the United States Marines during training exercises in preparation for their deployment into Iraq.

Over 600,000 United States service personnel a year goes through Kuwait as well as the majority of supplies needed. Every soldier and marine that is deployed to Iraq comes through Kuwait and returns to the forward U.S. bases in Kuwait.

Today MDAA was in the Dagger and Sword forward U.S. bases. They are located about 10 miles from the Iraq border. With this strategic location for our men and women of our armed forces, it is important to protect this invaluable asset.

As the people of Kuwait are protecting their assets with purchased U.S. missile defenses of the Patriot Systems, we at MDAA must urge our government to do the same for our forward-deployed U.S. forces in Kuwait. Discussions with the young infantry soldiers of the Army and the Marines bring great admiration for what they do, and it is inspirational as their sacrifices for our security is unmatched.

MDAA is fortunate to have been associated with these young men and women, we too are inspired and appreciate how important they are to our country. On behalf of our Members, we say thank you to our United States military personnel serving in Kuwait and Iraq.

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