A System That Does Not Kill People

April 9, 2003

“It is rare we have the opportunity to support a system that does not kill people. This is one of those rare occasions. This system is designed to destroy one thing incoming missiles not people. Not only will it keep our civilians safe, it will do so without having to kill a single pilot or soldier.” John Pudner, Citizen of the State of Georgia

Members, Supporters and Friends:

The Missile Defense Advocacy Alliance believes in protecting innocent human life from attacks by rogue nations and terrorists. A missile defense system is not an offensive weapon it is a defensive system that will ensure the safety and security of our nation, our troops and our allies.

September 11th proved that homeland security and a sound national defense must be the nation’s top priority. In addition, a missile defense system can help provide insurance against an attack similar to September 11th, which would cost the United States trillions of dollars.

Since the beginning of Operation Iraqi Freedom, Patriot missiles have successfully intercepted 10 Iraqi short-range ballistic missiles that have been launched. The high success rates of the Patriot missiles prove that missile defense technology is effective. Patriot missiles have been vital in saving the lives of innocent civilians, US troops, and allies.

On Tuesday, the Arizona State Legislature passed a concurrent resolution urging the Federal government to deploy a national missile defense system. The resolution passed with overwhelming support in both the House and Senate.

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