Changing the Calculus

June 2, 2005

Dear Members and Friends,

Three events occurred this past week that we should acknowledge and understand.

The 188 nation non-proliferation talks at the United Nations in New York failed to produce a Non-Proliferation plan, consensus or recommendations on reducing the spread of nuclear arms.

Iran’s announcement of test-firing a solid fuel missile motor at the 2,000 kilometer range gives inherent advantages to Iran’s strategic missile force in mobility, cost and accuracy.

As we remember all of those who sacrificed their lives for our freedom this past weekend, we as a nation and people must strive to find policies to prevent the enormity of loss of life Memorial weekends honor.

Today, the Department of Defense is allocating less than 3% of its total annual budget to implement defensive missile systems that will deter and dissuade ballistic missile proliferation. This capability that our country is developing will change the calculus of the minds that lead and influence those entities whose intent is the destruction of American lives.

To help understand what our government is doing, MDAA has created a protection page where you will find each of the Department of Defense’s current and future missile defense systems with their mission, description, accomplishments and goals.

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