Give Credit Where Credit is Due

January 16, 2009

Dear Members and Friends,

As President George W. Bush concludes his 8 years as the Commander in Chief of our nation it is with due respect that one of his most positive achievements and a lasting legacy are the achievements that have taken place over his Presidency with missile defense. The United States withdrawal from the Anti-Ballistic Missile (ABM) treaty and the decision to deploy a missile defense system at the beginning of his first term, to having a limited missile defense capability deployed during the ballistic missile launches by North Korea, to expanding missile defense in cooperative agreements with 18 countries, highlighted by the signings of the Czech Republic and Poland to host a European Missile Defense site at the end of his term.

The missile defense systems developed and deployed during his Presidency are of land and sea based interceptors and sensors that have had 27 successful test intercepts and a real missile defense intercept of a falling toxic satellite last February.

Most significantly during President Bush’s years, the U.S. has deployed missile defense systems that have helped bring stability and security in the Far East Asia Region as North Korea moved forward with attaining nuclear weapons.

Today, due to President Bush, our nation, our troops and our allies are safer from ballistic missile threats.

Thank You Mr. President.

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