North by Northwest

June 16, 2006

Independent Public Polling released last week in the Northwest from our two most liberal states, reveals overwhelming support for missile defense regardless of political party. Registered voters in the state of Oregon were pro missile defense at 71 percent and in the state of Washington at 79 percent. Moreover, only 21 percent of the public from Oregon and 20 percent from the state of Washington believe that the amount of tax dollars spent on missile defense – 2 percent of our defense budget – is too much.

Also of merit:

In the state of Washington, 53 percent believe that a missile strike from another country is likely. While in Oregon, 49 percent believe a foreign country or entity would launch a missile at the United States and 38 percent believe that their state would likely be a target from North Korea.

MDAA hosted events in Seattle and in Portland, and also participated in a tour of the United States Aegis Destroyer DDG 53, the John Paul Jones, on the Columbia River. The Destroyer is one of 15 Aegis destroyers now equipped, or slated to be equipped with, upgraded radar and communications equipment that are capable of providing integrated tracking/discrimination of ballistic missiles, and communicating to the missile defense command and control system.

The new MDAA National Director, Joe Rubay, based in California, was at the Portland event and will be spearheading the grassroots effort for our organization in the United States.

As the North Korean threat continues to become more visible, and the country potentially prepares to test fly its Taepo Dong 2 long-range ballistic missile interceptors over the territory of Japan, it is revealing that our citizens of the Northwest are concerned and supportive of a solution that can protect and deter.

With all of this in mind, it is surprising that an amendment is forthcoming from Senator Carl Levin of Michigan in the United States Senate to reduce the funding for ballistic missile interceptors which ironically are the defensive missiles deterring and protecting the Northwest and our country from North Korea.

Please – make your voice heard – along with your fellow Northwestern citizens.

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