Serendipity in Poland

September 13, 2007

WARSAW, POLAND. It is of clear national security interest and law for the United States to provide protection against ballistic missiles as signed by President Clinton (1999 Missile Defense Act). For ballistic missile protection of Europe, the United Kingdom and the North American Continent there has to be an integrated multi layered missile defense system that enables all NATO members who have missile defense assets to participate in one overall system that can protect all of its members. These systems range from today’s Patriot point defense systems of Germany and the Netherlands to Aegis Sea based systems of the United States. However, the foundation and the critical piece of this layered system is the ground-based, long range interceptors simply because they can protect the most territory and the most populations compared to capabilities of the other components of the layered system.

The United States is currently negotiating with Poland for the placement of 10 ground-based long range missiles and their silos on Polish soil. The US delegation headed by John Rood was here in Warsaw this past week negotiating with Witold Waszczykowski, Poland’s counterpart on their delegation. Discussions are moving forward with no major roadblocks or technical issues forthcoming and the agreement could be completed as early as the end of the year. From a technical and physics viewpoint Poland provides the ideal geographical location as it centers in Europe and offers the most ballistic missile defense coverage for its NATO partners against harmful missiles from the Middle East. From a political viewpoint, Poland as a new NATO country and a history, has a strong desire to have greater security and believes American presence with Missile Defense will help provide and sustain that security.

The 10 proposed two stage defensive missiles which have no offensive capability nor hold any explosive warheads or munitions will be placed in underground hardened silos with minimal outward intrusion. These missiles should in all aspects never have to be used as their biggest impact by mere deployment will be to dissuade and deter. These defensive missiles look to be located on a small strip of land deployed in a Polish Military Base near Slupsk, Poland a small European city near the Baltic Sea and 100 kilometers west of Gdansk where Lech Walesa and Solidarity began Poland’s independence from the Soviet Union.

The presence of 10 defensive missiles will offer security to Poland and to its NATO partners as well as it will be the foundation for an integrated multilayered and multinational missile defense system protecting Europe, the United Kingdom and the United States of America from those that may hold hostage Europe and her cities with ballistic missiles carrying nuclear weapons. This will be a significant step for Poland as it steps into being a key player providing protection for the Global community.

Due to the critical importance of Poland with Missile Defense as it will protect the United States from missiles coming from the Middle East, MDAA visited Poland these past few days. During this trip MDAA interacted and met with Polish citizens, associations, academic think tanks, the Polish Government, the Honorable United States Ambassador Ashe and the Mayor of Slupsk, The trip entailed visits to Warsaw, Gdnask and Slupsk where MDAA listened and released Polish public survey results of the Polish Public views of Missile Defense. (Polish Survey PPT). Findings showed 58 percent support from the Polish Public supporting the deployment of these 10 Ground Based Missiles on their soil in their country. (Press Release in English).

It is of serendipity that the United States Congressional Delegation headed by Madam Chairwoman Ellen Tauscher will be visiting Warsaw, Poland today to listen to the Polish government’s desire to host the missile site and to express the House of Representatives views on the 10 ground based defensive missiles. Representative Tauscher is a strong believer in European Security and is an active member of the NATO Parliamentary Assembly Caucus in Congress and a supporter of Missile Defense where she is the Chairman of the House Armed Services Subcommittee on Strategic Forces.

Madam Chairwoman, you have our full support and that of the American Public who support Missile Defense at 81% (U.S. Poll Survey Results). to make Europe and our Country safe from Ballistic Missiles.

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