September Reminds Us of Safety

September 24, 2004

Dear members and friends,

The month of September continues to remind us of how important our public safety and defense of our homeland is to our communities, families, loved ones, and country.

The everlasting reminder of 9/11 is inescapable by the change of mindset of our enemies and ourselves—our vulnerability and our fortitude to not allow this to happen again. The memory of all those that perished will forever be etched in our country’s heart.

The Chechnya crisis that showed the cruel, unjust, and unmerciful attack by terrorists on the lives of scores of young children brought home to us the reality of what terrorists can and will do. The reality of how terrorism can be brought home in a community and the undeniable responsibility that a government must take to prevent and protect its citizens from attacks is made clear by events like these.

The continued development of nuclear weapons and ballistic technology in countries such as Iran and North Korea this month alone is a clear and forceful threat to ourselves and neighboring countries.

The national media and American public are focusing on national security and homeland defense issues as we move closer to selecting our next President who will be responsible for the next four years of protection of our lives and way of life.

MDAA recognizes and accepts that there are many threats to our homeland and our public safety; and that our government must do all it can to prevent, deter and defeat attacks upon our families, communities, citizens and country. To this cause MDAA continues to advocate to our political and opinion leaders that public safety must be a top priority for our generation and generations to come.

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