WMD and 2005 Defense Bill

August 11, 2004

The Florida Report

Highlights of the MDAA’s sponsored statewide polling of Florida voting citizens by Public Strategies revealed exceptionally strong support for American missile defense efforts: Floridians want Missile Defense, they want it now and they believe it is money well spent. Floridians will vote for a candidate who supports the deployment of missile defense.
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Protecting Our Way of Life
(8/5/04) The President of the United Sates signed the 2005 Defense Bill approved by Congress ensuring the deployment and continued development of Missile Defense for 2005:

…This bill provides $10 billion for systems to defend against the threat from ballistic missiles. Later this year, the first components of America’s missile defense system will become operational. This will fulfill a pledge I made to the American people more than four years ago. America and our allies face a deadly threat from ballistic missiles armed with the world’s most dangerous weapons. And we will deploy the technologies necessary to protect our people…

(7/27/04) Missile Defense is deployed for the Olympics. Patriot anti ballistic missile systems have been deployed around Athens and other Olympic Venues in Greece for the public safety of the participants, spectators and civilians.


North Korea is developing sea launched ballistic missiles which will enable them to fire ballistic missiles with weapons of mass destruction at the United States from ships and/or submarines as far as 1500 miles to as close as 12 miles off our coasts in international waters.

Weapons of Mass Destruction

EMP (electromagnetic Pulse)
A nuclear bomb detonated above the earth’s atmosphere would create a split second electromagnetic pulse (EMP) that would blanket an entire country destroying and disrupting power grids, electronic systems and communications potentially damaging or destroying civilian communications, power, transportation, water, food and other infrastructure essential to modern society. A Scud-type ballistic missile launched from a sea vessel in international waters off the coast of the United States or a more powerful missile launched from North Korea could detonate a nuclear bomb at altitudes from 95 to 300 miles destroying electronic systems of one quarter to the entire continental United States.

“The surest way to protect the United States from a high-altitude EMP is by deploying a ballistic missile defense system that can intercept and destroy a warhead before it could be detonated above the U.S. This would prevent an EMP attack and eliminate any potential harm to U.S. systems, and it could even deter rogue leaders from considering the use of EMP.”

“Saturday marks the anniversary of the blackout that shut down much of the Northeast a year ago. Anyone who lived through that power outage remembers the annoyance of life without lights, air conditioning, TVs, computers and all the other electronic equipment on which a modern society depends. Now, imagine a blackout that lasts for months, or years.”

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