Thank you for Voting and Making a Difference

November 4. 2004

Dear friends and members,

On behalf of MDAA members and the American public that MDAA represents, we congratulate President George W. Bush and applaud our country’s democratic process. American citizens exercised their right to vote and made a choice of who will lead the United States of America and the free world for the next four years. The newly elected leadership of the Congress and the re-election of President Bush will have significant impact on all our lives and the generations to come. As a nation, we need to come together to support this new leadership as we would have done if Senator John F. Kerry had been elected.

MDAA respects and acknowledges Senator John F. Kerry for running a worthy campaign that was able to inject new ideas and approaches to solving some of the major issues our country faces. As a presidential candidate during the past two years, Senator Kerry has helped all of us better understand the issues and opportunities we face as a nation. Thank you, Senator Kerry.

As many of you know, MDAA was heavily involved in the key swing states that decided the election. Most recently, in Ohio we were able to bring to the attention of both campaigns the issue of public safety and American public’s support for Missile Defense. From our media tours and public surveys of the key swing states, we accurately reflected strong public momentum and concern about our security and the issue of Missile Defense.

MDAA’s independent aggregate polling numbers showed that regardless of party affiliation and gender, the public overwhelmingly supports Missile Defense (82%) and had the will to vote for a candidate that would support deployment of Missile Defense (67%).

The issue of homeland and national security from threats of terrorism played a vital role in the choice of the presidential candidates and the outcome of the election.

A clear opportunity now presents itself for President Bush and the new Congress to substantially deploy, enhance, and make permanent a robust layered Missile Defense system. MDAA will do all it can, in terms of advocacy and reflecting American public opinion, to seize this opportunity and make Missile Defense a permanent piece in our homeland and national security for this generation of Americans and generations to come.

We thank you for participating in the democratic process and making a difference.

P.S. We would like to apologize for several typographical errors that appeared in our last Email Alert. An unapproved draft that had not undergone our standard quality control process was mistakenly sent. We have taken steps to make certain this does not happen in the future. Thank you to our readers who reported it. Your feedback on our Email Alerts is always welcomed and appreciated.

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Curtis Stiles - Chief of Staff