The 12th Man

January 4, 2013

Dear Members and Friends,

In the Republic of Korea, near Waegwan, South Korea is a deployed U.S. Army Air Defense Artillery battalion whose mission is to defend key areas throughout southern Korea including ports, bases and cities from the ballistic missile threats of North Korea.

This battalion is comprised of four PAC-3 firing batteries made up of six launching weapons per battery that can disperse multiple rounds of surface to air missiles that can intercept incoming ballistic missiles, cruise missiles and aircrafts if required. 600 men and women of the United States Army, command, fight and support this battalion in Korea during a two year deployment and commitment away from the United States.

Their mission is challenging from their base at Camp Carroll, as all of their firing batteries are mobile and are dispersed throughout southern Korea on small roads and across great distances prior to crisis situations between the two Koreas. Not only is it a tremendous responsibility to defend the Korean population, their cities and all of our armed forces deployed there, but the overwhelming amount of ballistic missiles that North Korea has deployed and targeting to this region makes this a very difficult and challenging mission for the 2-1 ADA battalion to implement. Their ability to move, fight and readiness is critical to not just the defense of South Korea but just as important in its deterrence of North Korea to ever fire a missile. The battalion’s readiness and reliability in its mission takes away the confidence of success by a North Korean attack and the repercussions of it thereby preserving stability and peace throughout the region.

To this important mission of these selfless men and women that serve our nation and allies overseas, MDAA was able to help bring some morale support from the U.S., the National Football League and the Seattle Seahawks franchise. The Seattle Seahawks and Head Coach Pete Carroll merged with the 2-1 ADA battalion and its commander, Lieutenant Colonel Jay Rose, to bring recognition and support to these great men and women serving our country.

As it is in many stadiums and fan bases throughout our country, the “12th man” represents that huge factor that brings energy, support and momentum that can sometimes change the outcomes of the game that are not on the field of play or on a battle field overseas.

We should all endeavor to be the “12th man” for our troops overseas.

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