North Korean Intentions

June 19, 2006

“Today, the world and our country stand in shock as North Korea proceeds with testing a ballistic missile that threatens the United States of America. The country of North Korea has paid no attention to its agreement to freeze testing of this kind as well as to abide by an extreme amount of international pressure, lead by the United States and Japan. It is of great concern that diplomacy and international pressure are not adhered to by North Korea. It is of grave concern that North Korea has the technology to place one of its nuclear weapons on a ballistic missile that can strike the territory of the United States of America.”

“We, as a country, must have strong confidence in our military leadership to protect our public safety and economy from a ballistic missile launched from North Korea. It is a testament to the vision of our leaders and to the detriment of those that have opposed missile defense that the United States will indeed have an emergency capability to defend the territory of the United States of America.”

Northcom, the military command responsible for defending North America, will have emergency use of nine ground – based interceptors in Fort Greely, Alaska and two ground – based interceptors at Vandenberg Air Force Base in California. These interceptors will be disseminating information from a variety of deployed sensors to enable intercept. The sensors include: the Defense Support Program (DSP), modified Aegis ships on patrol with their radar, Beale Air Force Base radar, Cobra Dane on Shemya, Alaska, the forward based X – Band radar in Japan and the new Sea – Based X – Band Radar (SBX). Click on these links to read about the current status of the North Korean test; Fox News , ABC News , CBS News , and CNN.

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Curtis Stiles - Chief of Staff