The Perfect Storm

August 14, 2008

Dear Members and Friends,

Over the last few days Russia has fired over two dozen SS-21 Ballistic Short Range Missiles into the country of Georgia, integrating ballistic missile strikes with their conventional military forces. The SS-21 is a road mobile, solid fuel, single stage ballistic missile, which is maneuverable in flight and carries a high-explosive warhead weighing up to 1060lbs. with 150 meter accuracy. It has a range of 43 miles. These missiles have been used by the Russians tactically for psychological and military targets as the Georgians do not have the capability to defend against or defeat ballistic missiles.

The use of ballistic missiles by Russia in this conflict sends an endorsement to the international community that  the use of ballistic missiles has value thus propelling countries and  terroist organizations to develop, purchase and continue to proliferate ballistic missiles.  Modern warfare continues to integrate and use ballistic missiles as a tactic.

This outward military aggression with the use of ballistic missiles from Russia on a former USSR country sends a very serious message to all former members of the Soviet Block, especially Poland, who today made an agreement with the United States to host 10 U.S. ground-based missiles that will protect the United States of America and most of Europe from ballistic missiles. This agreement will also provide Poland with U.S. Patriot Missile Defense Batteries that have the capability to defeat and defend against short range ballistic missiles. Deploying a United States Strategic asset that protects the national security of the United States in the country of Poland further enhances the security and sovereignty of Poland. 72% of the American public supports this missile defense agreement with Poland. To view the most recent public survey regarding missile defense please click here.

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