We’ve Got Nukes. We Can’t Dismantle Them.

April 30, 2003

“We’ve got nukes. We can’t dismantle them. It’s up to you whether we do a physical demonstration or transfer them.” – Li Gun, Deputy Director of American Affairs for the North Korean Ministry

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CIA Director George Tenet and Defense Secretary Rumsfield stated earlier this year that North Koreas’ missiles have the capability of reaching the west coast of the United States, which includes major population and economic centers such as Los Angeles, Las Vegas, Phoenix, San Francisco, Honolulu, Seattle, Portland, and Anchorage.

Last week the North Koreans gave some hint to U.S., Japanese, Russian, Chinese, and South Korean officials that they might dispose of its nuclear weapons program. This could be a step in the right direction for US foreign policy, but many experts do not feel this way.

This disarmament proposal provided some hope in what United States and Chinese officials considered a hostile presentation. In this presentation, North Korea admitted to having weapons of mass destruction. Furthermore, the North Korean officials said that they are willing to use these weapons if the United States does not assist them with energy and humanitarian aid. The statements by the North Koreans have proved that they have and are willing to use their nuclear weapons for their own political gains.

If the United States had in place a deployed missile defense system today there would be other options for Congress and the President of the United States rather than being held captive by rogue nations such as North Korea.

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