The Reality of Missile Defense

November 20, 2012

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The travesty of the Gaza Strip these past few days, in its outward aggression of committing atrocities by the use of hundreds upon hundreds of rockets launched ballistically into the population of innocent civilians and citizens of Israel with the intention to kill and strike fear, is the harsh reality of why civilian populations require missile defense systems and the fundamental proof that missile defense work.


The Israel Iron Dome missile defense system, deployed in five civilian population centers including Tel Aviv, has intercepted more than 300 rockets with an overall success rate of 85%. The total number of missiles launched from Gaza into Israel is over 1,000 as the Iron Dome missile defense system has selectively targeted only the accurate incoming ballistic missiles heading into population centers.


The fundamental fact is that this missile defense system saved the lives of many Israeli citizens and the live fire demonstration of this capability prevented the Israel military from going forward with an armed invasion of the Gaza Strip.


In this time of increased proliferation of ballistic rockets and missiles by non state actors and rouge nations and their use of them against innocent civilians, missile defense is absolutely fundamental, necessary, and needed.


The financial support, provided by the United States, to support Israel in their development and deployment of the Iron Dome missile defense system was and is the right investment.  The Iron Dome continues to save countless lives and most importantly prevents wars that would consume many more innocent lives.


As the world sees and understands the case for missile defense, as proven in Israel, efforts to be out in front of the threat by developing the critical technology of national missile defense systems and the national will to fund and deploy these systems is absolutely critical to defend their citizens.


Homeland defense against ballistic missiles for the protection of citizens is being deployed in Israel, Korea, UAE, Qatar, Kuwait, Saudi Arabia, Bahrain, Japan, Taiwan, Europe, and the United States of America.


More countries will seek to have these systems as it is the reality of missile defense and the world we live in.


Enclosed is the video of the Iron Dome this past week defending the lives of Israel’s citizens and also attached is today’s Wall Street Editorial of which MDAA was extensively interviewed for yesterday by the WSJ Editorial Board.
Click here for video of the Israel’s Iron Dome missile defense system.


Click here for the Wall Street Journal’s Editorial.

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Curtis Stiles - Chief of Staff