We the People, By the People

March 27, 2006

The Missile Defense Advocacy Alliance strongly endorses the placement of a third missile defense site on the European continent to defend and protect people in Europe and in the United States. The North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) and its 26 member nations are committed to provide mutual defense from external threats.The greatest threat to NATO is the proliferation of nuclear technology and the vehicles that can deliver it by terrorist organizations or rogue nations.

The Middle East, with very short ballistic missile flight times, continues to be an area of considerable concern due to the large number of ballistic missiles now in the inventories of nations openly hostile to NATO member nations, with new and advanced technologies in development.

Last year alone there were 80 ballistic missile tests from nations other than the United States.In a poll MDAA conducted last year, Europeans stated overwhelmingly (72 percent) that they not only support a missile defense system, but that of that total, 67 percent supported the placement of missile defenses on European soil. Specifically, poll respondents in the United Kingdom (66 percent supporting missile defense, 72 percent on UK soil), the Czech Republic (52 percent supporting missile defense, 58 percent on Czech soil) and Poland (84 percent supporting missile defense, 69 percent on Polish soil) have spoken clearly. Europeans understand the threat, and support participation in missile defense.

Missile defenses placed in Europe not only protects Europe from threats from the Middle East, but also helps to provide protection for our nation and our military forces overseas. Remembering the devastation of two world wars in the last century, we urge European leaders to carefully consider the benefits of participating in active missile defense to defend their nations and their people.

We urge as our founding fathers did over 200 years ago to listen and take action for the people and by the people.

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Curtis Stiles - Chief of Staff