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February 21, 2007

On behalf of our membership and organization, I am honored to announce the inaugural members of the MDAA Advisory Board to you. The MDAA Advisory Board is made up of a combination of prominent community leaders throughout our country and retired United States Military flag officers from the field of Missile Defense. Their purpose is to support our mission of educating the American public and our leaders on Missile Defense, so that we can continue to develop and deploy missile defenses to make our world a safer place.

MDAA welcomes the worlds foremost experienced experts on missile defense and some of our countrys leading community citizens to join our cause:

Mr. Larry Dodgen

Lt. General(retired) Commander U.S. Army Space and Strategic Command, December 2003 2006. Commanded and brought forward the first operationally authorized ground based midcourse defense in 2006.

Mr. Ron Kadish

Lt. General/(retired) Director of Missile Defense Agency, June 1999 July 2004.

As the director of the Missile Defense Agency, he served as the acquisition executive for all ballistic missile defense systems and programs.

Ms. Kate Paige

Rear Admiral/(retired) Director of Aegis Missile Defense Program, 1996 – 1998. In 2002, delivered the first operationally authorized Ballistic Missile Defense capability. Director of Mission Assurance for MDA, 2005. Ms. Paige also serves as a special advisor to U.S. Strategic Commands Strategic Advisory Group.

Mr. Ralph Booth

Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of Booth American Company, 1995 -. Harvard University, Cum Lade.

Detroit, Michigan

Mr. Eddie DeBartolo

CEO/President, DeBartolo Holdings. Head of DeBartolo Holdings, a nationwide commercial real estate development company. Owner of the NFL football team the San Francisco 49ers, 1977 1997.

Tampa Bay, Florida

Mr. Tyrone Fahner

Attorney and Managing Partner, MayerBrownRow, 7th largest law firm in the U.S., 1983 – . Former Attorney General of Illinois, 1980 1983. Admitted into U.S. Supreme Court 2002.
Chicago, Illinois

Mr. Jack Schneider

Managing Director, Allen & Company. A nationwide corporation that specializes in the investment, underwriter and broker to some of the largest names in entertainment, technology and information.

New York City, New York

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