Nevada Testimonials in Support of Senate Joint Resolution 7

May 28, 2003

“To live without National Missile Defense is to live in grave peril, which I see as a morally bankrupt policy.” – Congressman James Gibbons of Nevada

Members, Supporters and Friends:

Missile defense testimony was given in Nevada last week focusing on the public safety for citizens and infrastructure of the state of Nevada. Submitted in the record were letters written by Congressman James Gibbons, the Department of Defense, and the Nevada Homeland Security Advisor Jerry Bussell. Mr. Bussell represented Governor Guinn’s concerns for the safety of Nevada’s citizens against a ballistic missile threat. In letters to top Pentagon officials, Mr. Bussell expressed these issues and requested the Department of Defenses position on missile defense. One top Pentagon official responded by reassuring Mr. Bussell that the administration is, “moving forward to protect American territory and forces abroad, and our allies and friends, against missiles of all ranges.” MDAA’s CEO and Founder, Riki Ellison was among the many who testified in Nevada last week in support of Senate Joint Resolution 7, which calls for the development and deployment of a robust missile defense system. This resolution has passed the Senate and is now in the Nevada Assembly where it appears to have strong momentum and support behind it. Mr. Ellison engaged in an intellectual, democratic debate that exemplifies the framework of Democracy in this country.

Danny Thompson, of the AFL-CIO, also testified in front of the Nevada Assembly to support Senate Joint Resolution 7. The AFL-CIO recognizes that not only will the development and deployment of a missile defense system preserve our way of life; it will also stimulate economic growth and increase the number of jobs.

MDAA would like to thank Congressman Gibbons for his service to his country. He is a retired Colonel in the United States Air Force and presently he is representing the state of Nevada on Capitol Hill. Congressman Gibbons is a strong advocate for missile defense and recognizes that this issue is critical to our nation’s security as well as protecting his constituents.

MDAA would also like to acknowledge to its members, supporters, and friends that missile defense is clearly a public safety and national security issue. Missile defense is gaining momentum from all sides of the political spectrum and at the local, state and federal levels of government.

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